Kyiv Seminary Choir
Traditional worship singing of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

Total time: 67:42
Release date: 10/21/03

01-Blessed is the man (7:27)
02-Lord I cry unto Thee (1:22)
03-O gladsome Radiance (1:40)
04-The Lord reigns (3:03)
05-Now lettest Thou depart (1:59)
06-Magnification to the St. Fathers of Pechersk Lavra (1:42)
07-The Great doxology (7:28)
08-Under your mercy (2:42)
09-Bless the Lord O my soul (1:59)
10-Small ekteny (1:25)
11-Praise the Lord O my soul (2:18)
12-O thou Th Only Beggoten Son (1:25)
13-Come let us worship (1:00)
14-Thou had kept Thy virginity in birthgiving (1:21)
15-Neither the tomb nor death (2:04)
16-O Lord save the devout one (1:01)
17-Trisagion (1:59)
18-Amen (0:59)
19-Cherubical hymn (8:13)
20-The One is Holy (1:50)
21-O ye apostles from all parts (1:59)
22-Exclaim O David (2:16)
23-When passing away (4:14)
24-Blessed be who is Coming in the Lord's Name (0:28)
25-The Body of Christ (1:25)
26-Blessed the name of the Lord (1:45)
27-Many years (1:22)
28-Holiday chime (1:16)